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Uniquely coined from the two words - "La" and "Fayre", LAFAYRE stands for delivering beauty in an honest manner

The Start of a Journey

Dealing with highly sensitive skin since childhood led me to regularly consult dermatologists and try multiple off-the-shelf skincare and haircare products. These products would often trigger reactions on my skin causing a myriad of troubles or would simply not work at all. In desperate pursuit to heal my skin, I would often end up at high end stores selling natural products and feel cheated upon on examining the ingredients list of the products and realising that the formulations not only lacked in substance but were full of parabens, sulfates, silicones and other toxic chemicals. Those were the times my mother would suggest me to follow her skincare routine of using natural homemade remedies inspired from ayurveda that have been passed on from generations to generations but are overlooked by our generation. 

Desperate and disappointed, I decided to dedicatedly research ayurveda and more natural ways to skincare and haircare. The more I read about the benefits of plants and natural oils, the more I realized how much nature had to give. I started working on different concoctions by carefully combining pure raw ingredients that complimented each other and tried & tested these on myself, my family and friends. Once I started feeling the difference and received the same response from my family and friends, I decided it was time to reinvent time-honored traditions into high-performing, multi-tasking modern products. I committed myself to creating luxurious natural formulations that perform better than conventional beauty products. My mission is to help others in making more informed choices about the products that we use every day by sharing information about all natural products. Join me on this journey to discover the power of healing through botanicals.

Hargun Sehgal - Founder

The Story behind the brand

OUR INSPIRATION - Traditions of Ayurveda

Ayurveda - the “Mother of All Healing" originated more than 5,000 years ago and is the oldest continuously practiced form of medicine on earth. Ayurveda teaches that by getting to the root cause of skin concerns, you are able to truly address and heal the skin, leading to genuine and lasting results, rather than simply using a product that offers only instant gratification. Ayurveda incorporates all-natural, holistic ingredients such as pure herbs and botanicals that work to nourish and protect the skin, rather than foreign, synthetic ingredients like chemicals, toxins and artificial preservatives that offer no true benefits.

OUR STRENGTH - The healing power of botanicals

"If you’re looking for beauty, you’ll find it in nature" - that’s our motto. We believe that all we need to nourish and heal our skin, body, and hair can be found in nature. Our products are sensitively researched and carefully formulated with natural ingredients that ensure that you get the best care. The secret lies in sourcing clean ingredients, finding the right balance between modern science & ancient tradition of Ayurveda and being meticulous at each stage of production to get the best results.

OUR PROMISE - 100% Natural

All our products are made by following the highest standards of natural skincare & haircare, to create safe, ethical and effective products. We are:
  • Clean of Chemicals
  • Conscious of nature
  • Cruelty-free towards all

OUR AIM - Bringing more glow to you

At LAFAYRE, we strive for beauty than can be felt, not just be seen. You’re beautiful, strong & capable and we know that. Our aim is to make you feel the same with our products. LAFAYRE was created with the motivation to give every individual the confidence in his/her own inner beauty.

Our Certifications