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We bring to you truly natural, cruelty free products that are sensitively researched and carefully formulated with natural botanicals that work for you. We strive for beauty that can be felt, and not just be seen because seeing you glow with confidence fills our heart with joy.

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Lafayre - Natural Luxury

Lafayre brings to you pure and natural Ayurvedic beauty products that are made from certified organic ingredients handpicked from across India. All our products are well researched and carefully formulated with truly natural and cruelty-free products such as pure herbs and botanicals that work best in protecting the skin. You’ll find nothing but the highest standard of natural skincare and haircare in our entire range of products.

With an aim to bring more glow to you, we strive for beauty that can be felt and not just seen. Our goal is to make you feel the same with our well-formulated natural beauty care products.


Organic skincare products are made of natural ingredients that make them better for your skin in all ways. Lafayre skincare collections are organically curated using essential oils and botanical extracts that deeply nourish your skin and make you feel rejuvenated in no time.

From organic cleansers to face serum and face cream for anti-ageing or acne - Lafayre has something in store for every skin concern. Our 11 in 1 glow booster face serum is an all-natural, cruelty-free product made with botanical ingredients. The magic? It gives you gorgeous and glowing skin by resolving 11 problems at once including controlling acne, reducing scars, tightening skin pores and so on. Hence, the product leaves you with skin that feels brighter and radiant.

Do you love an oil-free face cream that is formulated to give you gorgeous and glowing skin? Then Lafayre's unique glow booster face cream will be your perfect pick. It will immediately absorb into the skin and replenish it making your skin feel fresh. You can also shop by your concern related to acne, dryness, dehydrated skin, marks and breakouts, and under-eye dark circles, among many other skin problems as we have carefully formulated products to treat them all.

Why should you use organic beauty care products?

Let’s understand in detail the benefits of using organic products:
1. Organic products are sensitively researched and formulated with natural botanicals and hence are safe for the skin. When you include organic in your beauty routine, you will notice the difference yourself.
2. Organic skincare is made from responsibly sourced ingredients like argan oil, aloe vera, and almond oil to name a few. These ingredients are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your skin.
3. As organic skin products are made from natural ingredients, they leave no harmful chemical residue in the environment.
4. Made with pure ingredients and chemical-free products, organic skincare is more effective for your skin.
At Lafayre, we believe that nature has the solution for all your skin woes. If you are looking for natural beauty products online, Lafayre is just the right brand.


When it comes to clean and non-toxic formulations, it feels like hair care is lagging behind other beauty categories. There are generally fewer options available. However, it is essential to find truly excellent and organic hair care products that can actually do wonders for your hair health. Sounds difficult? Well, we are here to make things easy for you. Lafayre has come up with a holistic approach to keeping Ayurvedic practice in mind and developed organic hair care products to suit every hair type.

Our best seller, Avocado and Tea Tree oil cleansing shampoo is specially formulated to remove pollution particles and hard water build-up, thus, leaving your hair cleaner and shinier than ever before. One of the other essential products in the hair care routine especially for people with severely damaged hair is Peppermint and Citrus Oil hair renewal conditioner. It is specially formulated for damaged hair that requires intensive care. The natural conditioner fights frizzy hair, boosts shine and prepares you to say hello to a clean and healthy scalp.

Apart from this, we offer a set of natural beauty care products that are ready to address your unique skin struggle. In brief, the ultimate motive for using Lafayre organic hair care products is to have healthy hair. Also, over the last decade, the demand for organic products has increased tremendously because people are making conscious choices toward a healthy lifestyle. Not only this, when you use organic products you are helping out the environment. Hence, if you want healthy hair, it is time for you to ditch your old hair care routine and explore the world of organic hair care products.

Lafayre - An all-organic brand

Lafayre is an all-organic brand with an extensive range of skincare and haircare products. We value delivering beauty in an honest manner. For our brand, every tone and skin type is celebrated. We believe real beauty is one that is authentic and transparent.

Our brand’s philosophy is rooted in formulating organic products that are absolutely safe and offer long term benefits. There is no involvement of hazardous chemicals or traces of animal ingredients, mineral oils, paraben etc and other harmful chemicals. This is what makes our product range effective, gentle and safe.

Start your Ayurvedic skincare journey today by ordering our natural beauty products online!