Indian Bhringraj 100% Pure Cold Pressed Oil

Rs. 1,299

Indian Bhringraj 100% Pure Cold Pressed Oil-30ml

Bhringraj Oil, cold pressed from the leaves of the Bhringraj plant, also known as “The King of Herbs” in Ayurveda, is rich in Iron, Vitamin D & E, magnesium and calcium. It works like a miracle to solve hair care problems like hair fall and premature graying. Its antimicrobial and antifungal properties help reduce dandruff while its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce irritations on the scalp and acts as a muscle relaxant when used in massage.



Ingredient: Certified Organic 100% Pure Bhringraj Cold Pressed Oil




How to use:

Take a few drops, gently massage through hair, face and body daily. For best results, use as moisturizing oil after shower daily for healthy hair and skin. Add few drops of essential oil for use as carrier oil.



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