Indian Peppermint Essential Oil

Rs. 899
Indian Peppermint Essential Oil has been used for centuries to promote clear skin, prevent clogged pores and hair fall, reduce inflammation caused by allergies, rashes and sunburns, and improve focus and energy levels

Research indicates that Peppermint Essential Oil has anti-bacterial properties.

Studies have also shown its ability to control acne, irritable eyelid syndrome, tension headaches and help lower blood pressure. It calms hyperirritability in tense facial muscles, and reduces stress and anxiety with its invigorating scent.

Action: Add 1–2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil to your favourite LaFayre shampoo or conditioner.

Steam distilled from the leaves of the plant, Indian peppermint essential oil delivers a vibrant, cool, and herbal aroma.

Our pure and 100 per cent organic, cold-pressed peppermint oil is cultivated and extracted by farmers with over decades of experience & expertise and can reduce acne & prevent clogged pores.


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